For Uitgeverij Onkruid, Open Web Creations has created one physical new website with 2 facets. One Web site can be reached via www.onkruid.nl, the other via www.onkruidintens.nl. The website is built in Joomla CMS. The web design is fully responsive and therefore suitable for mobile use.


The assignment was called: 'Create a website that brings together summer and winter activities'. Austria Inside is focused on activities in Carinthia. The website is built in WordPress CMS.


For Alternatieve Kadobon, Open Web Creations is creatively responsible for website design, the gift certificate and house style. The website is built in Joomla CMS.


This website is designed with a dual function, mountaineering and health. Due to the passion for mountaineering, the color azure soon became apparent. A special RSS feed ensures that enthusiasts are able to follow only their specific part of interest.

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