Opencart or rather WordPress/Joomla

open source logosWhen you open your own webshop you have to consider which Webshop software you will use. There is really sufficient choice, but you are often limited. That is why we are in favor of running a webshop on our own web hosting account and not choosing a service where the hosting and the webshop are linked. What if you want to move/expand or slim down? We will highlight the difference between a webshop on OpenCart, Joomla or WordPress.





wordpress woocommerce

Benefits WordPress Woocommerce

  • This is basically an ecommerce upgrade on the default WordPress.
  • Wordpress is based on blog functionality, although it is increasingly being used for other purposes.
  • Really endless plugins and scripts are available.
  • Lots of choices from both free and paid themes.

What's better about WordPress

WordPress is more dynamic in all areas, although it does not always fit well together.

Disadvantages of WordPress Woocommerce

It can be a real quest for the right themes, plugins and the like. WordPress is also the most popular-, so consequently one of the most pestered scripts when it comes to hackers and intruders. Errors are found almost daily.


joomla hikashop

Benefits Joomla HikaShop

  • HikaShop is an ecommerce upgrade on Joomla CMS.
  • Joomla is suitable for a dynamic and interactive website.
  • Many components and plugins are available.
  • You can choose from many professional templates.

What's better about Joomla

Joomla offers more possibilities and flexibility in placing content. The authorization possibilities make Joomla a professional CMS.

Disadvantages of Joomla HikaShop

Sometimes Joomla is experienced as complex in use and maintenance. Our experience is that once you know Joomla well, the flexibility will work to your advantage.


opencart logo

Benefits OpenCart

  • OpenCart is relatively easy to install.
  • Opencart is purely aimed at webshop facilities and therefore suitable for large webshops.
  • There are many extensions available, free and paid ones.
  • The backend is very professional and well-ordered.

What is better about Opencart

Ultimately, the whole shop experience, also the checkout process, is very presentable. Graphically it all fits nicely together.

Disadvantages of Opencart

OpenCart in default offers little flexibility in placing information pages other than at the bottom of the website. By simple free extensions, these disadvantages can be solved.

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